Bike ride and mountain climbing on Eigg

Had a brilliant day today.  We took the boat to Eigg and hired mountain bikes from Eigg Adventures to ride around the island.  It was a bit hilly to start but I made it to the highest point and the ride down to the harbour at the end of the day was very, very fast!  I wanted to climb the Sgurr which is the really unusual mountain on Eigg so we had to leave the bikes half way up and climb the rest of the way on foot.  My dad had a special map on his phone so we could find our way up as the hillside because there were bits where there was no path!  There were some really rocky sections but after about an hour we managed to make it all the way to the top and the views were amazing.  I could see back to Arisaig, over to Rum and Skye, and even Ben Nevis in the distance.  It was so high and the cliffs at the edges were very steep.