Mountain Biking at the Nevis Range

Today we went to the Nevis Range and rode the gondola up the mountain so we could ride the new blue bike trail back down. My dad hooked the bikes onto the outside of the cable car and we climbed inside for the ride up. It was a bit cloudy but we could still see the mountains in the distance and Fort Wlliam down below.

The route was great fun. It’s quite steep at the top with lots of twists and turns before you ride across the wide open hills then over a bridge and small waterfall. My favourite part was down the bottom in the trees where there are lots of berms before your ride back down to the car park. We went up twice and the second time I was really fast and manged to come down in just over half an hour.

We are going to ride again in the summer and I’m hoping to try some of the harder runs plus the pump track and skills course near the bottom.