We believe the family dog is just that, a member of the family.

We will accept up to two well behaved dog with responsible owners when pre-booked in Lodge Morar.
Acceptance of your request to bring your dogs with you is on the strict understanding that you adhere to our rules relating to the acceptance of dogs on the premises. Only two dogs are permitted regardless of size/breed and there is a charge of £20 per stay for each animal. Guide dogs are exempt from this charge.

Our lodges are presented in a clean condition for you and we wish to keep them that way. Our cleaning standards ensure that guests without dogs can confidently stay in our lodges without detecting doggie smells and doggie hairs! However, it would be almost impossible to maintain these high standards if our ‘house rules’ for dogs weren’t respected, so we appreciate your co-operation and respect for others staying after you.

What you need to bring with you:

  • Dog bed/crate
  • A towel to make sure the dog is clean and dry before entering the lodge
  • Food and water bowls
  • And don’t forget the poop bags

Here are our house rules for dogs:

  • Dogs are not permitted on the beds – even with covers applied, or on any other furniture
  • Dogs are not permitted to be left in the bedroom or grounds unattended at any time
  • The interior and grounds of the property must be left in a clean, undamaged condition
  • Dogs must be clean before entry to the lodge – please clean them outside with your own towel
  • You must clean up your dog poop and dispose of it in the wheelie bins
  • Your dog must be at least 1 year old at the time of your stay.

Please ensure that you are prepared to accept these conditions before making your booking. Your booking is only accepted on the basis of you agreeing to comply with our conditions.
If we find they have been left alone in a lodge, or where they shouldn’t – i.e. on the beds – or caused any kind of damage whatsoever or caused us extra cleaning costs, flea treatment etc. then we will charge you for reinstating the room and its contents to the condition they were in before you arrived.

An indication of what the charges may be:

  • £20 per night for failure to notify us of having a dog in the lodge
  • £25 cleaning charge if the dog has been on the beds or any other furniture
  • £150 cleaning charge if the dog has done the toilet in the lodge
  • Any damages to the property must be paid for in full

We’re sorry if this sounds harsh, but we’ve had to become stricter after a growing number of incidents where guests have abused our hospitality and allowed their dogs free reign over the property with no regard for the cleaning and replacement costs incurred. These problems are then multiplied considering the tight schedules and the limited time we have available to sort these problems out between the guest departing and new guests arriving.

Your booking is accepted on the basis of you agreeing to comply with our terms and conditions.